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Everything starts from a simple dream

Introducing Jesayas Ferdinandus

The idea of OY! came from the vision of Jesayas Ferdinandus. Jesayas, who was still serving as Vice President of Go-Food, saw how Indonesian people were still having difficulties in conducting financial transaction activities. Jesayas envisioned a future in which Indonesian people could make transactions as easily as chatting with friends. With this in mind, Jesayas set to build a chat application that can also be used for transactions.

To realize his dream, Jesayas left his post at GO-FOOD and asked two of his closest friends to help him. Jan Kristanto and Hilfi Alkaff were both good friends of Jesayas from the time where they were studying together at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States.

The journey begins,

The arrival of Jan Kristanto and Hilfi Alkaff

Jan has already proven his capabilities and served as Vice President of Finance in several Indonesian-based company. Hilfi on the other hand, has experience as a Software Engineer in Quora, Silicon Valley, California. After meeting with Jesayas, both agreed to leave their respective position and join forces with Jesayas to build his dream together. In 2018, Jesayas, Jan and Hilfi founded OY! Indonesia.

Starting with the launch of a chat application that has financial transaction features, OY! has evolved into a platform that offers one-stop financial solutions for its users. The three of them hope that OY! can not only help Indonesian people with their daily transaction activities but also help to drive the advancement of the national economy.

From a simple dream, OY! Indonesia was born.