OY! Indonesia Officially Launched, Presents Fintech Services in Chat Applications

By Aditya Pratama

Aiming to make it easier for users to transfer money on one platform, PT Teknologi Harapan Bangsa introduced the OY! Chatroom application. Indonesia today (18/10) in Jakarta. The application that is supported by DOKU technology is able to send money in real-time to the user’s bank account.

Prioritizing chat features that are claimed to be in high demand by users, the OY! claimed to be able to cut down the difficulties associated with interbank transfer activities which are currently incomplete and still must be done separately.

“Previously OY! has been present since 2017, currently we have 70 thousand active users and are present in more than 40 cities in Indonesia. The application itself has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times, “said VP Product Business OY! Indonesia, Mario Nicolas.

Establish partnerships with banks in Indonesia

To present a seamless process and guaranteed safety, OY! Indonesia has partnered with various banks operating in Indonesia. Banks that are now integrated with OY! among them are Bank Mandiri, BNI, funded by DBS, CIMB Niaga, and Jenius (BTPN). While BCA, Bank Permata, BRI, West Java Bank, East Java Bank, and BTN have also been able to receive funds transfers.

“Our focus now is to transfer funds from bank accounts, but we also provide top-up credit and BPJS bill payments as well as electricity bills,” said Mario.

OY! utilizing technology from DOKU as a payment gateway. Utilizing a license that DOKU already has, makes it easy for applications like OY! to make transfers between users’ bank accounts. The technology applied by DOKU is infrastructure that meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards.

“In terms of DOKU services as a provider, our main service is payment gateway. It means we provide services to merchants, as long as it is related to payment, “said DOKU VP of Business Expansion, Irfan Imran Burhan.

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