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What is OY!?

OY! is an innovative startup that will help you simplify your financial life.

From providing you a free and easy way of transferring money directly from your debit cards, viewing your bank account balances and bank statements to providing you various financial products, we’ve got you covered.

Because in OY!, looking after your financial best interests is our number one priority.

Licensed, Registered and Supervised by Bank Indonesia
Integrated with more than 100+ Banks
Free, fast and 24/7 interbank transfer
Intuitive money management

Free and smooth interbank transfer.

Effortlessly transfer money to any banks you want,
free of charge!

Free e-Money top up.

Top up all of your e-Wallet with only a few tap
and without extra charge.

Control your money seamlessly.

Take control of your money and understand exactly
where your money goes, seamlessly and intuitively.

Financial product and investment marketplace.

Coming soon!


We understand security issue is paramount. We can assure you, everything related to users privacy and security is of utmost importance to us and we’re taking it very seriously to make sure you are well protected.

Fingerprint identification

Use fingerprint to lock your OY! account.

Encryption & storage

We use encryption to help protect your account details and store that information on servers in secure locations.

Passwords and OTP

Nobody at OY! will ever contact you to request a password, verification code or OTP to your account. Do not give any of these information to anyone.

What are you waiting for?

Simplify the way you manage your financial life.

Download OY! and secure your future starting from now!